Kairy-tate's Small Business Shop Talk

Yesterday, our very own Kairy-tate Barkley, spoke at a collaborative small business conference hosted by Houston Community College, where she shared with other small business owners and prospective small business owners her small business story. She spoke about the challenges and obstacles that have been thrown her way as well as the successes that have made all the hard work worth it. She offered advice on how to work toward growth in your business, while striking a balance in your personal life.

She closed with, "Working toward striking that balance, which seems like a moving target sometimes, is key. Balancing what needs to get done and by whom. You must recognize that as you grow your business, you can't do it all. And quite frankly, you may not be the best at it all. You need to keep doing the things that you love and are good at and then bring in talented resources to help you with the rest."

Special thanks to the collaboration of each organization and the conference committee! 

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