New Arrivals: Gorjana Jewelry

We might be a few weeks away from the first day of the new season, but school's out, temperature is rising - summer is in full swing! ☀️ Get in the spirit of things with fun and festive jewelry from Gorjana. We're talking tassels, fringe, chokers, and more! Check them all out below. 👇🏻

Gorjana 'Laguna' Adjustable Necklace in Rose Gold.

Gorjana 'Tulum' Adjustable Necklace in Sand, Gorjana 'Tulum' Adjustable Necklace in Hot Pink, Gorjana 'Tulum' Adjustable Necklace in Indigo.

Gorjana 'Taner' XL Hoops in Gold.

Gorjana 'Playa' Beaded Tassel Choker in Pink, Gorjana 'Playa' Beaded Tassel Choker in Black, Gorjana 'Playa' Beaded Tassel Choker in Teal.

Gorjana 'Laguna' Large Adjustable Necklace in Gold.

Gorjana 'Fairfax' Gemstone Necklace in Black, Gorjana 'Fairfax' Gemstone Necklace in Navy.

Gorjana 'Chloe' Mini Necklace in Gold.

Gorjana 'Baja' Hoops in Royal, Gorjana 'Baja' Hoops in Teal.

Gorjana 'Sol' Drape Hoops in Gold.

Gorjana 'Mave' Lariat in Gold, Gorjana 'Mave' Lariat in Rose Gold.

Gorjana 'Miller' Layered Tassel Choker in Black.

Gorjana 'G Ring' Earring in Rose Gold, Gorjana 'G Ring' Earring in Gold.

Gorjana 'Arc' Large Hoops in Gold, Gorjana 'Arc' Large Hoops in Silver, Gorjana 'Arc' Large Hoops in Rose Gold.

Gorjana 'Nora' Studs in Gold.

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