New Arrivals: Joie & Soft Joie

We love how easy it is to throw on any top from Joie and Soft Joie and it just completes your outfit! From lace to silk to embroidery - your spring and summer looks are easy as one, two, three. 👌🏻 Get a peak into our latest arrivals before heading to our stores below.

Soft Joie 'Azuki' Dress in Caviar.

Soft Joie 'Amalle' Top in Caviar.

Joie 'Lyane' Silk Top in Caviar.

Soft Joie 'Adralina' Top in Santiago.

Joie 'Hadlee' Lace Top in Porcelain.

Joie 'Nelida' Top in Blood Orange.

Soft Joie 'Yvanna' Top in Porcelain.

Joie 'Edaline' Silk Top in High Seas.

Joie 'Ember' Lace Top in Caviar.

Joie 'Gauge' Top in Porcelain.

Soft Joie 'Jeslyn B' T-Shirt in Porcelain.

Joie 'Sendoa' Silk Top in Dark Navy.

Joie 'Gauge' Top in Regal Red.

Joie 'Josepe' Eyelet Top in Chambray.

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