Designer Dish: Tibi

Tibi is an easy, chic, and modern line hailing from the fashion capital of the world, New York City. If you're looking for something that is simple and clean, but with an element of design - you'll know to ask for Tibi by name.

Check out a few of our favorite in-store Tibi pieces! Shoot us an email with any questions or if you're interested in any purchase information.

Style Element: Tibi Tie Dress in Navy.

Style Element: Tibi Silk Velvet Cami in Wine.

Style Element: Tibi Mock Neck Double Layer Top in Ivory.

Style Elements: Tibi Satin Poplin Draped Tee in White, Tibi Satin Poplin Draped Tee in Denim.

Style Element: Tibi Beatle Pant in Heather Grey.

Style Element: Tibi Satin Poplin Draped Tee in White.

Style Element: Tibi Layered Peplum Pullover in Blush Haze.

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