Gift Guide Under $100

That's right, Christmas is TOMORROW! Need to grab a gift ASAP?! We can help! Check out our favorite pieces under $100 that are easy to grab and will be loved by all!

If you're in a crazy rush, give our stores a call (info here) and we can help pull things aside for you or even pay over the phone. If you have a few moments to spare, we'll gift wrap it for you!

Feeling clueless about what to get? We also offer gift cards!

As a reminder, we close at 5 PM today at all three locations. See you soon!

MILLY 'Sorry I'm Not Sorry' Tee, Gorjana 'Mika' Mini Plate Necklace in Gold, Sorial 'Rubina' Crossbody, Kai Body Buffer, Chaser 'Love' Tee, Michael Stars Plush and Cozy Scarf, Presmer 'Renee' Crossbody, Gorjana 'G Ring' Earrings in Silver, Michael Stars Long Sleeve Short Button Up Night Shirt.

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